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Reviewed PRIME v1 and v2 Correlations and PRIME 2020 alignments

PRIME 2020 official seal

WIDA is pleased to list instructional materials that have gone through the PRIME process and received a PRIME seal.

We will be adding materials that have gone through the WIDA PRIME 2020 alignment process, as well as materials for WIDA PRIME V2 for Spanish Language Development Correlations as they become available.

You may filter for correlations that were previously correlated with PRIME V1 and PRIME V2, or aligned with PRIME 2020:

PRIME V1 includes materials that were correlated with the retired WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards, 2007 Edition

PRIME V2 includes materials that were correlated with the retired 2012 Amplification of the WIDA English Language Development Standards

PRIME V2 Español includes materials that were correlated with the WIDA Spanish Language Development Standards, 2013 Edition

PRIME 2020 includes materials that are aligned to the current WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition

Please note that WIDA does not endorse any set of instructional materials. WIDA PRIME is not an evaluative tool that judges the effectiveness of published materials. EL teachers work with a wide range of needs and in a wide range of environments. For this reason, teachers should consider the information contained in the WIDA PRIME documents to determine how particular materials fit in their program.

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Exact Path, Edmentum

Exact Path is a K-8 online program that utilizes adaptive assessments and targeted learning paths to individualize instruction. Each lesson is standard aligned, paced at students’ needs, and structured to give students control over their own educational journeys. Exact Path can be used in classrooms as part of a station rotation model, in technology lab settings, for individual student work times, for small group sessions with specialists or paraprofessionals, in a flipped classroom model, and even as a resource for explanations during whole class instruction. Because it individualizes instruction, Exact Path can be used for every student in your class, whether that learner is struggling and needs support or intervention, whether they are on track and ready for new challenges, or whether they are accelerated and ready to move ahead at their own pace. In addition to the rich instruction, it includes regular assessments through the two or three diagnostic tests given during the year or the regular progress checks that confirm student mastery after every three or four lessons.